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15 Awesome Travel YouTube Channel Ideas for 2024


Launching a travel YouTube channel can be quite the task; especially, when you’re not sure what to upload. That’s why I’ve compiled this list of travel YouTube channel ideas to help you fill up your content calendar. 

Even if you’ve already started uploading videos to your channel, you may find these video ideas helpful. Also, this list might help jog your creativity to come up with even more video concepts! 

Travel YouTube Channel Ideas

1. Airport Vlog

What’s the difference between an airport vlog and a travel vlog? An airport vlog is more focused on getting to a destination than the destination itself. 

For example, if you’re taking a 15 hour flight or have a 24 hour travel day you can vlog about your experience and how you survive such a long travel day. You can also talk about flying with a specific airline, what the food on the plane was like, and how the different airports were. 

This is also a good time to throw in a little airport ootd or what’s in my carry on. 

2. Pack With Me

Pack with mes are another popular video idea for travel youtube channels. Whether you’re packing for a cruise, Disneyland, or a tropical getaway, a pack with me video is a great way to share packing tips with your audience. 

You can share things like what toiletries you’re bringing, how you keep things organized, what outfits you’re bringing, etc. You can also include affiliate links in your video description to help generate some income. I use RewardStyle for style and Amazon products.

Sample Ideas:

  • Pack with me for Paris – Winter Edition
  • Packing for a 10 Day Caribbean Cruise
  • What to Pack for for a Aspen Ski Vacation

3. Bucket List

Share with your audience what destinations you’re dying to visit. 

Don’t simply list them off, tell them WHY you want to visit these destinations. Is there great food? Is there a specific resort you really want to stay at or a really cool attraction? Educate while you share. 

People are always looking for suggestions on where to travel and by sharing your bucket list you may just be influencing their next vacation!

4. General Travel Tips

General travel tip videos are another great travel YouTube channel idea. Again, this is an opportunity to educate your audience. While we like to think everyone’s traveled before, there’s tons of people who may be taking their first trip ever at any given time. 

In these videos, you can share ways to save money, packing hacks, tips for a better plane ride, etc. 

Sample Ideas:

  • Tips for Solo Female Travelers 
  • How to Make Traveling with Kids Easier 

5. Destination Specific Travel Tips

Piggybacking off of general travel tips, is destination specific travel tips. 

While general travel tips will serve many travelers, destination specific tips are for those visiting a particular place. You could also think of this as a “Know Before You Go” type video. For example, a Positano travel video might include things like the best time to go to avoid crowds, what airport to fly into and the transfer options, how to get around the area, and other info visitors might find helpful.

Sample Ideas:

  • 10 things to know before visiting Greece 
  • 5 Tourist Traps to Avoid in Paris
  • Tokyo Travel Tips to have the best trip ever 

6. Travel Vlog

If you’re starting a travel youtube channel, chances are you’ve already planned on doing travel vlogs. Depending on the trip, I will either break my travel vlogs down by destination or by day. For example, for my 10 day trip to Spain and Portugal, I did a vlog for each city we visited. However, for Disneyland I did two vlogs, one per day we were there.

Very few people will sit around and watch a 40 minute travel vlog. So, I like to break down the content into more digestible segments. 

7. Travel Essentials

Sharing Amazon Travel Must-Haves or general travel essentials is another popular video idea for travel YouTube channels. 

People are always looking for ways to be more efficient when traveling and for products that help them with this. These videos are also a good way to generate some affiliate income. I like to use LiKETOKNOW.IT to link all my products. It works with Amazon and a bunch of other brands.

Sample Video Ideas:

  • Camping Travel Essentials
  • Road Trip must-haves 
  • The Best Amazon Travel Finds 

8. What’s in your Travel Makeup Bag/Toiletry Bag

If you’re like me and like to share a mix of beauty and travel content, a “what’s in your travel makeup bag” or “what’s in your toiletry bag” video is a good way to blend the two. 

Talk about the different skincare and beauty products you bring with you when you travel and why. 

Looking for more beauty channel ideas? Read my Beauty video ideas post

9. Destination Budget Breakdowns

Follow up your travel vlog with a destination budget breakdown. 

For this video you can do a mix of talking head clips with some destination footage. Walk your audience through how much each attraction cost, what you spent on meals and transportation, and any other expenses for your trip. 

You can also throw in a few tips on how to save money. 

10. Travel Makeup Routine

Another beauty/travel crossover video idea is a travel makeup routine. 

If you’re already sharing different makeup looks on your YouTube channel, this is an easy video idea to implement. 

Sample Ideas:

  • Glowy Summer Vacation Look
  • Simple 5-Step travel makeup routine
  • My Go-To Beach Makeup Look

11. Luggage Unboxing

My most popular video on YouTube is my Monos Luggage Unboxing.

People are always on the hunt for the best suitcases and carry on bags. So, if you’ve recently purchased a new travel bag or have an old reliable piece, film an unboxing or luggage review sharing the ins and outs. 

12. Travel Camera Equipment

If you have a variety of cameras and accessories that you bring with you when you travel, show what’s inside your travel camera kit.

And this doesn’t just have to be cameras and lenses. Share what memory card you use, which bags and pouches you use to keep everything organized, and any other tools you use.

13. Travel Resources

For a travel resources video, share which sites and apps you use to plan, book, and execute your travels.

Think Rome2Rio, Booking, Going (formerly Scott’s Cheap Flights), Viator, etc. 

Some people have never traveled before or have only traveled locally, which is why sharing resources is one of the more helpful travel YouTube channel ideas.

14. Lookbook

Lookbooks are an oldie but a goodie YouTube video concept. The idea is to show off all the different elements of your outfits for a particular season or event. 

For example, you could do a Hawaii Lookbook or a cruise lookbook featuring all your outfits that you wore during your vacation.

This is another good opportunity to share affiliate links and generate some extra income. 

15. Plan A Trip with Me/ How to Plan a Trip

For this video, walk your audience through your travel planning process. From picking the destination and booking flights to building an itinerary, show off how you plan your vacations.

Sample Ideas:

  • Planning my Southwest Road Trip
  • Travel Plan with Me 
  • How I’ve Planned my 2 Month Trip to South America

I hope you find these travel YouTube channel ideas helpful! I know when I was first getting started I had trouble coming up with ideas, so hopefully this list helps.

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