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Video Ideas for Beauty YouTubers


If you’re a new beauty youtuber, you might be looking for video ideas for your channel. So today I’m sharing this list of 20 video ideas for beauty youtubers.

Video Ideas for Beauty YouTubers

  1. Go to everyday makeup
  2. Going out makeup
  3. Favorite red lipsticks
  4. Seasonal makeup look
    • Summer Makeup Look
    • Fall Makeup Look
    • Winter Makeup Look
    • Spring Makeup Look
  5. Product review of new products
  6. Tutorial using a specific palette
  7. Product review of products new to you
  8. AM skincare routine
    • AM summer skincare routine
    • AM winter skincare routine
  9. PM skincare routine
    • PM summer skincare routine
    • PM winter skincare routine
  10. Self care / pamper routine
  11. 5 minute makeup challenge
  12. How you do your brows
  13. Trends
  14. Recreate a celebrity makeup look
  15. Full face of one brand
  16. Haul videos
  17. Favorite drugstore products
  18. Natural makeup tutorial
  19. Numbers pick my eyeshadow challenge
  20. 10 minute makeup tutorial



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