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The Tropical Vacation Essentials You Need to Pack


Heading to the beach or an island soon? Here’s some tropical vacation essentials you need to make sure you pack. 

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Tropical Vacation Essentials


If you’re visiting a tropical destination there’s more than likely going to be lots of sun. Protect your skin with some sunscreen. Look for one that guards against UVA and UVB rays. For my face, I like the unseen sunscreen from Supergoop or Black Girl Sunscreen. Neither give off white cast which I appreciate. For my body, I like Sun Bum, Neutrogena, and Bask

Beach Bag

The best beach bags are roomy yet organized. I love this one because it’s big but also comes with some pouches to keep things organized. 

Tinted moisturizer 

For tropical vacations, a tinted moisturizer is great for adding a little color while not being super heavy. I typically use the Rare Beauty Tinted Moisturizer or Fenty Beauty

Waterproof phone case

A waterproof phone case is another tropical vacation essential. If you want to be able to capture photos or videos, while in the water or in wet environments this case helps protect your phone. 

I will say that the quality of your videos and photos won’t be as great in the pouch, but they aren’t terrible. What I like to do is use the pouch as more of a carrying case. I’ll pull my phone out get my photos and videos, and then put it back in its waterproof pouch.

Beach Towel

Not all hotels and accommodations provide beach towels. So I recommend bringing one with you just in case. I love my towel from Balmy because it’s super lightweight. Quick dry, and sand free. Sand free towels shake out real easily which means you won’t end up with a bag full of sand carrying it after use.

Waterproof camera

If you want to get captured and videos without putting your phone at risk, pack a waterproof camera. I personally use the GoPro Hero 10 and I love it. 

Cute Coverup

Complete your beach look with a cute coverup. A two-piece set is great for a breakfast to beach moment or you can go with a classic beach dress.

Sun Hat 

Help protect your face while looking stylish with a sun hat or visor. You can go with a classic straw hat or even a wide brimmed bucket hat will do. 


Pack a few pairs of sunnies to compliment different outfits and occasions. This sunglass holder from Amazon is perfect for keeping your glasses protected while traveling.

Water Shoes or Cute Beach Sandals 

Not all beaches are created equal, as I learned while visiting the red beach in Greece. In the states a lot of our beaches have sand, but beaches around the world sometimes have pebbles and coral that aren’t so pleasant to walk on. 

After Sun 

Aftersun is something new to me, but ever since discovering it I always pack it with me whenever I visit somewhere where I’m going to be getting a lot of sun. My favorite is the one from Sun Bum

Bug Spray

Warm weather and moisture tends to mean bugs! Protect yourself and bring some bug spray. I use the Repel 100 and it did me good in Costa Rica and Colombia.

Cute Swimwear 

A tropical vacation obviously calls for cute swimwear. Make sure to pack different suits according to the activities you’ll be doing. For example, a string bikini might not be the best for jumping off a boat and you might want to consider wearing a rash guard for paddle boarding or similar activities. 



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