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My Top Sites for Trip Planning


One of my favorite parts of traveling is actually planning the trip. I’ve been doing quite a bit of traveling since I studied abroad in 2013, and I pretty much use the same tools each time I book a trip. 2019 is shaping up to be a big travel year for me so I thought why not share my top sites for trip planning.

Flights + Transportation

Google Flights

When it comes to booking flights Google Flights is my first stop. What I like about their system is that I’m able to enter a destination and find the most cost effective dates by scrolling through the calendar. Another feature that’s unique to Google is being able to input a timeframe, type of destination (beach, adventure, snow, etc.) or region to find flights.


When I’m trying to figure out the logistics of getting from one city or country to another, I uses Rome2Rio. It shows you the different ways you can get from one place to another (i.e. train, ferry, flights, etc.), and once you enter dates it will give you approximate pricing for all of them.

Places to stay

The reason I like looking at hotels on Booking is because they display the cost of your total stay (minus taxes and fees) instead of just the price for one night. Also, it seems like there’s usually more options to book now, pay later. Not sure if that’s accurate or if it just seems that way. Get $20 back after your first stay by using this link.


We all know Airbnb. If I’m looking for cheaper accommodations or just somewhere unique to stay this is where I go. Use this link to save $40 off your first stay.

Things to Do


Viator is a third-party booking service great for finding activities.  Enter a destination and you’ll get a list of options of things to do in that particular place. You can find all sorts of tours and purchase skip-the-line attraction passes. Also, first time visitors usually receive a 10% off pop-up offer that can be used on their first purchase.

Get Your Guide

Get your guide is a great way to find smaller tours that might not be publicized on major sites. You can even find and book free walking or photography tours organized by locals.

Inspiration + Help

Trip Advisor

Trip Advisor is honestly one of the best travel resources out there. When I’m having a hard time finding info on something, there’s usually a forum that answers my questions or leads me to a resource that can. Also, I love that they have reviews on everything from restaurants to tours.


Whether or not I know where I’m going, I turn to Pinterest. If I have something in mind, I’ll search for that specifically and go through the pins to help me piece together an itinerary. If it’s up in the air, I’ll just scroll through the travel category looking for trip inspiration.


I love Instagram, it’s my favorite social media platform and one of my favorite ways to find travel inspo. I follow a bunch of travel accounts not only to look at the pretty pictures, but to put new destinations on my radar. Also, it’s good for finding spots locals go to that you might not find through other channels.

* Random Tidbit
Google Docs and Sheets are great for laying out itineraries and budgets.  You can share it with others going on the trip, and then the trip planning process becomes a collaborative effort.

Do you use the same sites I do, or what are some of your favorite trip planning sites?

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  • Tanya Geno

    These are wonderful tools! Thank You for sharing!!

    • Timpani

      Thanks for reading, I’m glad you enjoyed the post!

  • biscotti and a ph.d.

    These are great suggestions – I haven’t tried (or heard of) get your guide, so I’m excited to check that out for several upcoming trips!

    • Timpani

      Glad I could put anther trip planning resource on your radar. I hope you enjoy your upcoming trips!

  • geekydaddydave

    Excellent list of resources here! Great timing to! My wife and I will be planning a trip to London soon.

    • Timpani

      How fun, I love London! I studied abroad there for 2 years. Hope you guys enjoy your time the city.

  • Lauren

    Great post! Super informative. We have also had really good luck with Express Deals from Priceline.

    • Timpani

      I’ll have to check that out the next time I’m booking a trip!

  • divya saggar

    Learnt of some new websites with your post. Definitely going to try those out. Thanks for sharing.

  • Eimear

    Wow so many resources that I wasn’t aware of and as I’m in vacation planning mode these are all really timely suggestions!

  • Michele

    These are excellent tips! Some of these I have not heard of before. Thanks for sharing!

  • Carolyn

    I love using Google flights. Thanks for sharing these great tools and resources!

  • nightwisprav3n

    I sometimes use trip advisor but i hadn’t heard of the others. Great tips. thanks for sharing them!

  • Aliza

    Thank you for all of these tips! I have been loving staying in AirBnbs lately, I think they are so fun and offer such a unique experience!

    • Timpani

      Yeah, you can find some really funky finds on there and great deals in the city center unlike hotels sometimes.

  • Stine Mari

    Yess, I love planning trips! Even trips I’m not reeally going to go on (at least not yet). I use most of these, but I will try to use Google Flights more, I usually go for Momondo, but I’m not really that happy with it!

    • Timpani

      I’m the same way! Haha I have tons of itineraries in my google drive!

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