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19 Travel Blog Post Ideas for Awesome and Interesting Content


Writer’s block can be real when it comes to thinking of travel blog post ideas. I’ve spent lots of time coming up with some, and decided to share them in case you need help figuring out what to write.

travel blog post ideas

Travel Blog Post Ideas


Itineraries are one of the most obvious travel blog post ideas. Share with your readers how to spend x days in x city. You can break it down day by day, hour by hour, or give a general list of things to do, where to stay, and where to eat. 


A guide is a little different than an itinerary in the sense that it packs in a bunch of practical information. For instance, if you have an Europe related post you may include the currency, converter types, information about getting around, top sites, etc. The Blonde Abroad is the best example of this style travel post. She uses her guide posts as a housing for all her other posts related to that destination like so

Food Guide

If you’re a foodie, a food guide is a great addition to any destination guide or itinerary. People want to know the best place to grab a latte or which restaurant has the best pasta, pizza, etc. If you ate lots of good food on your vacation, share where and your recommendations. 

Instagram/Photo Guide

Let’s face it, everyone wants to know where to get that insta-worthy photo. Share a photo guide of the top places to take photos. To set your guide apart, offer some unique spots or vantage points. Yes, include the Eiffel Tower in your photo guide, but also include that cute cafe you stumbled upon wandering the streets. 

Tour Review

Tour reviews are another great travel blog post idea. Share the ins and outs of a particular tour you took on your trip to give your audience an idea of what the tour is like. Also, if you are a part of an affiliate network, you can include links to the tour for an opportunity to monetize your content.  

Hotel Review

Stayed in a really cool hotel or accommodation? Break down your stay as far as what the rooms are like, the amenities, dining options, etc. Again, if you are a part of an affiliate program, drop a booking link in this post. Take a look at my hotel reviews for some examples.

Review Local Sights

Ran out of content? Start focusing on some local sites. Although you may not see your town or city as a tourist hot spot, there’s more than likely out of town visitors who are looking for recommendations. Who better to provide them some than a local.

Restaurant Review

If you ate at an interesting restaurant or a Michelin Star establishment, write a post detailing what it was like. Was there a nice atmosphere, were the drinks good, is there a dress code, those kinds of things. I don’t know about you, but I read reviews before dining somewhere, and so do a lot of other people. In fact, some of my most popular posts on my blog are restaurant reviews that are ranking on Google right below the restaurant and Yelp. 

More Travel Topics to Write About

Packing Guide

Packing guides are not only helpful for readers, but also provide ample opportunity for affiliate links. Guides can be destination specific, general, or focused on a type of trip. 

I.e. Barcelona Packing Guide, Summer Vacation Packing Guide, Ski Trip Packing Guide

Tips for Flying 

Believe it or not there are still some people that have never flown on an airplane. Help them out by sharing some useful tips for flying that will make their first time a breeze. 

Things to do Posts

Depending on the location, “Things to do in X city” posts can be hard to rank for. If you’re traveling off the beaten path, then you may get lucky. I like to use things to do posts as a way of keeping readers on my site. The idea is, “Oh, you read my itinerary but you’re wondering what else you can do in this city, here’s a post on that.” Include the things you did but you can also sprinkle in some activities/sites you didn’t get around to. Just make it clear which items are personal recommendations vs what aren’t verified ideas.

Travel Camera Gear

Share what travel blogging equipment you use to create content for your blog and social media accounts. Other budding travel bloggers will be interested to see what you’re using. 

Guide to a Popular Sight

Similar to a tour review, you can write an in-depth review of popular tourist attractions. Share how to get there, how to get tickets if applicable, best time to go, and any other useful information you may have. 

Favorite Travel Beauty Products

If you’re multi-nicher like me, you may need a couple of travel blog post ideas that cross niche lines. A travel beauty product post is perfect for those who have a beauty and travel related blog. 

Luggage/Bag Review

Before investing in my Monos Luggage, I read and watched a bunch of reviews. If you own a popular brand of suitcases, backpacks, etc. highlight them in a review post. You can go over dimensions, key features, why you love or dislike the bag, what you would change about it, and if you recommend it. 

Watch my Monos Unboxing

What’s in Your Carry On

No, really… what’s in your carry on? Let your audience know what you pack in your carry on bag for different flights. Personally, I pack different things in my carry on when I’m traveling domestically vs when I’m traveling internationally. If you’re the same way you could do 2 separate posts on what’s in your carry on. 

Travel Must Haves

Travelers are always looking for the latest and greatest products to make their travel experience better. Share what you deem travel essentials in a must-haves post. 

Best Apps for Travel 

What apps do you use to book your vacations? Which ones do you use whilst traveling? Round up all the apps and sites you use for traveling and share why they are useful. 

Outfit Ideas / What I Wore in X

Another multi-niche idea is sharing exactly what you wore on your vacation. Travelers often search, “What to Wear in X destination?” Answer this question and provide a little destination outfit inspo. If you are a part of RewardStyle or Shop Style Collective, you can also use affiliate links to link to the pieces you wore. 

Lastly, here’s a way to come up with more travel blog post ideas. Start with a general concept and see what could branch off that main idea. For example, if you’re doing a “One week in Ireland Post,” that could further be broken down into 3 days in Dublin, 2 Days in Cork, and 2 Days in Killarney. BOOM! 3 additional blog posts. For a cruise, you could write a blog post about the overall cruise, and then write about each port of call you stop at and what it has to offer.

Hope you found this post helpful! If you did, pin it to reference later!

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