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150 Day Challenge – My 2019 Goals


So, I wrote this whole New Year’s resolutions post laying out what I wanted to improve upon in 2019, but then I came across something a little different that peaked my interest.

The other day as I was flipping through Instagram stories, I saw a post from The Whimsy Soul about ditching resolutions and opting for an alternative method for making improvements in 2019. The concept is to commit to 150 days of doing or not doing a certain task. For example, throughout the year of 2019 you commit to working out 150 times rather than making a generalized goal of working out more. Remember the whole SMART thing when it comes to goal setting? Specific, Measurable, Assignable, Relevant, and Time-based. Committing to something 150 days out of the year ticks all these boxes which means you’re more likely achieve your goals. Here’s my goals for 2019 and my adjoining 150 days commitments.

Goal 1 – Be More Consistent

150 days of not breaking set plans and sticking to a schedule

150 days of posting content to, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and the Youtube channel I’m hoping to launch.

Goal 2 – Look Good, Feel Good

150 days of working out

150 days of no fast food

150 days of properly getting ready

150 days of meditation

Goal 3 – Increase My Knowledge Base

150 days of French lessons on Duolingo and Memrise

150 days of reading

I have another goal that doesn’t fit into this challenge which is visit 10 new places. Also, I’m going to do an update midway through the year talking about which commitments I’ve completed or have nearly completed.

I like this method because you don’t have to beat yourself up for having that extra glass of wine one night or being too lazy to go the gym one morning. It’s all about making small changes to affect your life overall.

What do you think about the 150 day challenge? Can you make a 150 day commitment to one of your goals? Let me know in the comments!



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