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New Year’s Resolutions


What better way to start off the new blog than with my New Year’s Resolutions?
Like everyone else, I’ve been really bad about keeping my resolutions. However, I want this year to be different. So, rather than having a bunch of self-improvement based goals, I’m opting for experiences. I hope this year brings many adventures but here are some overall objectives:

like the drum (2).jpg

  1. Read More: Not necessarily full books, but articles, poems and other blog posts too. If you have any suggestions let me know!
  2. Listen & Learn: Concerts and festivals galore! I want to see a few shows and visit some museums. And I’d like to make it to another festival this year!
  3. Travel Lots: I’m talking trips domestic and abroad. Seattle and Portland being on the top of the list, and I’d love to visit an island. Travel lots is kinda vague so if I had to put a number on it I’d say I want to visit 5 new places this year.
  4. Do Something Thrilling: You know like bungee jumping or skydiving! This has been on my to-do list for awhile, time to get ‘er done!
  5. Adopt Some Healthy Habits: So, I lied. I had to have one self-improvement goal, but this one is broad. I want to work on my water intake as well as reducing the amount of processed foods I eat.

Anyways, I read somewhere that telling people about your goals is supposed to make you stick to them. So, I’m putting them out there in hopes of actually getting them done this year.



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