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A Fun Announcement


Exciting news!

Come April, I will be heading to Europe with my cousin Terri! We we’re supposed to be meeting her sister out there but due to some unfortunate events, it’s looking like her sister might not make it. BUT, this news didn’t come till after Terri and I booked our flights, so we will definitely be going.

We’ll be gone for a little over two weeks visiting a bunch of different places. Including two of my favs Paris and London, and some cities I’ve been dying to see such as Rome, Venice and Barcelona.

We’ve got most of our major travel paid for, but we’re still working on accommodation. So far the city we’re having the most trouble with is Venice because its so expensive to stay on the island but we’re there for such a short time we don’t want to waste most of it on a vaporetto, or water taxi. But who knows, maybe we’ll nab one of those great Hotwire Hot Deals or a reasonable Airbnb.

Anyways, I’m so excited to be able to tick a few more places off my travel bucketlist and this trip should provide me with some good blogging material. Closer to my departure I’m going to be doing some travel related posts, such as what I put in my carry on to make the flight more enjoyable, what I’m packing, travel items you should have, yada yada you get the point.

Make sure to check back for updates on this trip and other stuff!




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