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Day Guide to Flagstaff


My Favorite Mountain town

Flagstaff will always have a special place in my heart. It’s this cute little mountain town in the north part of Arizona, and happens to be where I went to college. It’s also home to Lowell Observatory, the place Pluto was discovered.

One of my favorite parts of Flagstaff is how the smell of pine fills the air due to the world’s largest ponderosa pine forest surrounding the city. I love popping into to the unique stores downtown and sipping on craft beers from one of the local breweries.

Most people pass through Flagstaff on their way to the Grand Canyon or visit during the winter to go snowboarding. If you happen to find yourself in this beautiful place, here’s some things not to miss.


Macy’s European Coffee House

Macy’s is one of my favorite Flagstaff coffee shops. It’s super cozy on the inside and has a dog friendly patio out front. Stop here for breakfast or a midday pick me up.

Momma Burger

Momma Burger is about a 5 minute drive outside of the downtown area. It’s a great spot to grab lunch, and a favorite pit stop for skiers and snowboarders coming down from Snowbowl. Have a burger and some fries, and don’t forget a shake!

Dark Sky Brewing

If you’re in to trying different beers, Dark Sky Brewing is the place to do it. They have anywhere between 10-18 beers on tap, and add new brews each week. I recommend getting a flight and trying a few. Click here for a list of current beers and events.


Grand Canyon Deer Farm

Technically in Williams, the Grand Canyon Deer Farm is a fun place for everyone. There is an entrance fee to the park and it doesn’t include food. Don’t pay for the cups of feed inside, use the corn dispenser outside for $.25.

All the deer were friendly and some even gave kisses. Also, don’t forget to visit Gracie the camel.

FYI the deer know what the cups and you being near the dispenser mean. They also like to nibble on shoelaces and clothing, so keep that in mind.


Snowbowl is where everyone goes to snowboard and ski. However, it’s also a great place to take pictures.  If you visit Flagstaff in the winter and there’s not much snow of the ground around town, head up to the snowbowl area. Chances are you’ll find snow there.  If you just want to capture some shots, wait till after 3pm when most of the snowboarders and skiers have left for the day.

More suggestions


  • Fratelli’s Pizza – Try the pesto sticks!
  • Lumberyard Brewing Co – BBQ food and in house brews. The mac balls are delicious!
  • La Fonda’s – Great Mexican food! Random recommendation: Try putting salsa and the sopapilla honey on your chips for a sweet and spicy flavor that’s surprisingly good.


  • Wanderlust Brewing Company
  • The Annex Cocktail Lounge
  • Historic Brewing Barrel + Bottle hHouse
  • Mother Road Brewery


  • Wicked AZ Coffee
  • Matador Coffee Roasting Company
  • Firecreek Coffee Company

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  • That looks lovely. I love Arizona but have never experienced snow there. The deer are so cute!

    • Timpani

      Yeah, a lot of people didn’t believe me when I said it snowed in AZ because everyone only ever hears about the heat haha! But you’ll have to revisit in the winter to experience it for yourself 🙂

  • Amanda Yorton

    This looks like a fun day! Honestly, I would have never thought Flagstaff would have as much snow as we have in Wisconsin!!

    • Timpani

      Haha these picture make it look like there was a lot of snow but it’s mostly up on the mountain. Down in the city it was pretty clear.

  • everydaywithmadirae

    Sounds like a great time! That view of the mountains is just incredible & that baby deer is so adorable! Thanks for sharing! Love your photos as well!
    -Madi xo |

    • Timpani

      It was! I miss seeing that view everyday walking to class, and isn’t she adorable?!

      Thanks for reading! -T

  • Carolyn

    Great suggestions! Seems like a really cool place to visit. Smelling all the pine would be amazing!

  • Jodi Graham

    I never considered going to Flagstaff before but NOW I am! You guys look like you’re having soooo much fun, LOL. And that baby deer is the cutest. Also appreciate the coffee reco’s…can’t go somewhere without trying the coffee!

    • Timpani

      Glad I could put Flagstaff on your radar. The coffee situation is one of my top priorities when traveling, so I had to include some recommendations!

  • The Little Epicurean

    I’ve never been to Flagstaff, but you make it look so fun! I’d love to go to the deer farm!

    • Timpani

      Flagstaff is an awesome town! Definitely worth a visit if you’re ever in the northern Arizona area.

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