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2 Days in Mykonos – Best Things to See & Do


Our 1st Airbnb host in Greece asked us if we had boyfriends. When we said, “no,” he replied, “Well you’ll find some in Mykonos.” And while we did not find boyfriends on the island we did find a good time. We spent 2 days in Mykonos, and if that’s how much time you have on this beautiful island here’s some suggestions on what to do.

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We took a quick ferry from Paros to Mykonos. However, if you’re coming from Athens it’ll be about 5 hours or 2 to 4 hours from Santorini by ferry. Flights from Athens to Mykonos take about 40 minutes.


Book your stay at Little Venice Villas

The two main areas to stay in Mykonos are Mykonos town or the beach. We stayed in Mykonos Town at Little Venice Villas. They are super cute, and we were close to everything we wanted to see and do in Mykonos. However, it’s right next to some popular bars so it was a bit noisy at night. If you’re okay with it not being perfectly quiet and you like being in the center of the action, this is a good place to stay.

Find More Places to Stay in Mykonos


  • Pepper Souvlaki
    An affordable, good eat in Mykonos.
  • Nice ‘N’ Easy
    A beautiful waterfront restaurant. I ordered the calamari and sangria, both were great! The waitstaff were super nice and we were treated to some complimentary traditional Greek yogurt with honey and berries.
  • Souvlaki Story
    Yup, another souvlaki place but their menu is slightly more extensive than Pepper so both are worth dining at.
  • Gelarte
    A good place to grab gelato. The pistachio mascarpone is delicious!
  • Semeli Bar
    They have a BOGO drink offer during happy hour that runs from 10:00pm- 2:00am.
nice 'n' easy - 2 days in mykonos travel guide
2 days in mykonos travel guide

Things to do in Mykonos

how to spend 2 days in Mykonos
  • Go shopping
    There’s tons… And I do mean TONS of shops around Mykonos.
  • Explore little Venice
    There’s a bunch of restaurants and bars that line the waterfront, making it a great place to grab drinks or a meal.
  • Take a boat trip to Delos
    A popular Mykonos activity is visiting the nearby ruins on Delos island.
  • See the windmills
    You can’t go to Mykonos and not visit the windmills.
  • Go to the beach
    Whether you’re looking to hit up one of the popular beach clubs or just find a sandy patch to relax on, there’s plenty of great beaches in Mykonos.
2 days in mykonos travel guide
how to spend 2 days in Mykonos, Greece
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  • Chris and Reg Travel

    Such a dreamy island. Perfect guide for a 2 day trip.

    • Timpani

      It is! Thanks for reading ?

  • Mykonos looks like such a beautiful island to visit. The windmills are so cute. The food looks delicious, I do not think I could resist eating multiple pistachio gelatos! It sounds like you can do a lot in two days on Mykonos.

    • Timpani

      Honestly, when we were in Paros we had to keep ourselves from going back to the gelato shop after we finished our initial scoops. Hands down best I’ve ever tasted.

  • josypheen

    Oooh I really love island hopping in Greece, but I don’t think I have ever been to Mykonos. I’d love to visit the ruins on Delos, and a little time relaxing on the beach does sound fun.

    What was the night life like? I remember not being a fan of some areas in Greece when there were tour reps screaming at us to do shots, dance and have fun. If I can avoid places like that, I am normally happy(!)

    • Timpani

      We went during off season and the bar we went to was really mellow when we got there at 10. Things picked up around midnight some locals got us to get up and dance. It was a good time and definitely didn’t feel pressured to “have fun”, but I imagine during peak season it gets real crazy. Haha

      • josypheen

        That sounds waaay nicer! Phew. 🙂

  • That OC Girl

    Your photos are gorgeous! Mykonos looks amazing…I would LOVE to see those windmills in person!

    • Timpani

      Thank you! Mykonos was amazing, I loved it. Seeing the windmills in person was a surreal experience for sure.

  • Rachael

    The food looks amazing!! Thank you for the recommendations

  • Ann

    Beautiful scenery!
    I did now know tahat there was a possiblity to go by feery from Athens, that might be an idea 🙂

  • Rania Kalogirou

    Love the pictures and everything about your website is very smooth and inviting! Glad you enjoyed your time in our homeland 🙂

    • Timpani

      Thank you! I’m glad you like it. I definitely had an amazing time while in Greece!

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