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Located on Costa Rica’s Nicoya Peninsula, Nosara is a village/district known for yoga and pretty pacific beaches like Play Guiones. Although the area is relatively small, there’s still plenty to do in Nosara. Whether you’re visiting for a couple of days or a week, here’s some things to do in beautiful Nosara. 

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1. Stand Up Paddle Boarding Through a Mangrove

If you’ve never been stand up paddle boarding, this is a great first-time experience. The water is super calm and easy to paddle through. Plus, you’ll learn a lot about the flora and fauna in the area. I did a mangrove SUP tour with Experience Nosara, and another option is Green Ride Nosara

2. Go Zip Lining

When people think of zip lining in Costa Rica, they often think of Monteverde. However, it is also possible to zipline in Nosara. The Miss Sky canopy tour company offers 3 different zip lining experiences. The morning tour is about 6.5 KM (~3.9 miles) long spread over 13 cables, and covers Ostional beach, a waterfall, and Rio Montaña. The afternoon tour is about 4.5 KM (~2.8 miles) long spread over 8 cables, and covers Playa Pelada and Playa Guiones, the Nosara river, and Nosara village. Lastly, Miss Sky offers a night tour which is 3.5 KM (~2 miles) spread over 6 cables, and covers Nosara mountains and Nosara village lights. (At the time of publishing the night tour is not being offered.) 

3. Sunset Dinner at La Luna

La Luna is a beachfront restaurant located near the Nosara Beach Hotel and is a must visit while in the area. Try to get a reservation around sunset so you can watch the sun disappear below the horizon while you enjoy a delicious meal and some drinks. Book a table at La Luna.

4. Jungle Escape with Nosara Escape

Jungle Escape takes escape rooms to the next level. This is an outdoor escape room experience that takes place in the jungle. The premise of the jungle escape is that you have 60 minutes to save endangered species from smugglers by sneaking into their base, gathering evidence to put them away, and then getting out before they get back. 

5. Catamaran Cruise

If you love being on the water, look into taking a catamaran tour. We did a sunset one with Kaya, and really enjoyed our time… On the boat. Make sure to ask your captain about jellyfish activity before jumping into the water. We didn’t and learned the hard way. 


The roads in Nosara are notoriously bad. Many recommend renting ATVs for just getting around the area, but you can also take a tour. By taking an ATV tour, you’ll be able to explore remote areas of Nosara that can’t be reached by car. Some companies that offer ATV tours in Nosara are Tico Tours, Monkey Quads, and iQuad Nosara

7. Horseback riding on the beach

Nosara is home to many beautiful beaches. Experience one on top of a horse on a beach horseback riding tour. Tico Tours offers a 2 hour sunset tour that rides through the hills of Guiones, jungle trails, across the river to the Gulf of Nosara, and Playa Pelada. 

8. Take a Yoga Class

If Nosara is known for anything, it’s yoga. Venue to many yoga retreats, there is no shortage of classes. The offerings seem to change month to month, so here’s some options to look at: Nalu, Bodhi Tree, Living Hotel.

9. Catch the turtles during Arribadas 

Arribadas is a mass nesting event. 10 days before the new moon thousands of female Olive Ridley turtles come ashore in  Ostional to lay their eggs. 45-54 days later the eggs will hatch and millions of baby turtles will try to make their way to the ocean. If you’re lucky enough to be in the area during a hatching, you can volunteer to help protect the baby turtles from predators as they make their way. Contact Asociacion de Guias Locales de Ostional to learn more about volunteering. 





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