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What to Pack for Morocco: A Complete Morocco Packing List


Wondering what to pack for Morocco? Whether you’re navigating the bustling medinas or venturing into the Sahara, this Morocco packing guide has you covered. From what clothing you should bring to the essentials you’ll need.

Plus, I’ve included some of my insights and practical tips to ensure you have a seamless and wonderful time exploring this North African gem.

So, without further ado let’s jump into this packing list for Morocco!

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Essentials for Every Trip


No explanation needed. You’ll need your passport for entry into Morocco and your exit.


Depending on where you’re traveling from and you reason for visiting you may need a visa to enter Morocco. You can check here for different Visa requirements.

Travel Insurance

It’s better to be safe than sorry! Make sure you purchase travel insurance before you embark on your trip. After my Colombia experience, I’ll never travel again without insurance. My travel companion got really sick and we had to end our trip early. Thanks to our insurance we were reimbursed the amount we paid to change our tickets and her medical expenses in Colombia.

So, don’t skimp out, buy travel insurance!

Money and Payment Options

For Morocco, the official currency is dirham but euros are also widely accepted. Dirham is a closed currency so you can only get it in Morocco.

Cards are taken at most restaurants and shops with higher priced items, but cash is still king in Morocco.  I recommend getting some euros before you depart so that you have some kind of cash on you before you arrive. 

There are atms where you can get dirham but they’re sometimes closed on weekends or out of operation, so just bring some euros with you in case. 

Medicine + First Aid

I recommend bringing some sort of pain medicine, allergy pills, antacids, cold medicine, and motion sickness meds (if you’re prone to motion sickness) with you. Finding medicine that you’re accustomed to can be difficult, so it’s better to bring it with you. Also, it’s good to always have a mini first aid kit handy.

Airalo E-Sim

Most phones nowadays support e-sims which allow you to stay connected while abroad. They’re typically cheaper than paying for your service while you’re away (i.e Verizon is $10/day in Morocco). However, I was able to get an e-sim for 2 gb of data for $14.50 valid for 15 days.

I recommend getting more than you think you need because it does go quickly. Also, if you’re traveling throughout multiple countries, you may want to opt for a regional or global e-sim. Regional sims work in general areas such as Africa, Asia, Latin America, etc. whereas global sims work, you guessed it, all over. 

Copies of Important Documents

Make sure to keep digital and physical copies of your important documents; passports, visas, itinerary, tour tickets, etc. That way if anything goes missing or your phone is damaged, you have a back up. 

Electronics to Pack for Morocco

Power Adapter 

When packing for Morocco, don’t forget a universal power adapter. Morocco uses plug types C and E, which are the same ones used in Europe. This one from Amazon has USB and AC outlets which is perfect for being able to charge multiple electronics. I also recommend bringing a secondary one so you can plug one in near your bed and another in the bathroom so you don’t have to move them around. 

Power Bank

Whether you’re navigating around the city or taking tons of snaps and videos, your phone is bound to need a charge throughout the day. Packing a power bank ensures you have continuous access to your navigation programs and camera. 


You’ll want to capture the memories of your trip, so bring a camera with you. You don’t have to go with something ultra fancy, old school point and shoots are in style right now, or you could go for a instant film camera and go for that truly retro feel. I personally use the Sony ZV-1 and think it takes pretty decent photos. My goal is to invest in and get a Sony A7 IV.

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Look at all the electronics you are bringing and make sure you have a charger for each of them. I like to pack one cord per electronic so I don’t have to wait for one thing to be charged before I can charge another. Also, this 3 in 1 charger takes up one USB plug on my adapter but charges my phone, watch, and airpods. 

What to Pack for Morocco – Clothing

Morocco is a predominantly Muslim country, and a lot of guides recommend to dress modestly and to keep your shoulders and knees covered at all times. However, after just returning from a trip I’m here to report I saw plenty of shoulders and knees while in Morocco. There are only a few sites and areas where it’s required to have both your shoulders and knees covered, otherwise no one seems to care.

My recommendation would be to cover one or the other at all times. For instance, if you’re wearing a tank top, pair it with a maxi skirt. Or, if you’re wearing a shorter dress, make sure it has some sort of sleeve.  This was what I did while traveling through the country and I had no issues. 

We visited Marrakech, Fes, Chefchaouen and did a tour through the desert. These places have high tourist traffic so they seem to be more lax. From what I’ve read, if you’re visiting smaller cities where they’re aren’t a lot of tourists, it’s recommended to be fully covered. 

All that being said, here’s what clothing to pack for Morocco: 

Lightweight, breathable shirts and tops

Pack breathable shirts for Morocco to combat the desert heat and maintain comfort in its diverse climate. Lightweight fabrics like linen ensure optimal ventilation, keeping you cool and dry during exploration. 

Tank Tops

Pack tank tops for Morocco to stay cool in the heat and to layer under other clothing. 

Flowy Pants

Flowy pants, especially in breathable fabrics like cotton or linen, offer relief from the heat while allowing freedom of movement. 

Midi and Maxi Dresses

Maxi and midi dresses are essential for Morocco. Again, they provide a bit of modesty and can be worn in various situations. I recommend looser-fitting dresses in lightweight fabrics to keep you cool when it’s warm out. If it’s cooler you can always throw a pair of leggings underneath for some added warmth. 

Two-piece Sets

Two-piece sets are awesome because they take the decision making out of planning outfits. Short/pant sets are great for adventure activities like quad biking , while sets with skirts make for good strolling and dinner outfits. 

Midi and Maxi Skirts

Maxi and midi skirts are ideal for Morocco due to their modesty and versatility. They’ll keep you cool and comfortable in hot climates and work for a variety of different activities such as visiting souks and religious sites. 

Light to Mid-weight Jacket

A jacket will come in handy on cooler evenings especially if you’re planning on spending time in the desert. We visited in February and while Marrakech was warm and sunny, it was chilly in the Atlas Mountains, and Fes was cold and rainy. A denim jacket pretty much goes with everything and can easily be packed away when not in use. Alternatively, you could do a North Face jacket or something similar. 


Kaftans are a culturally appropriate item to wear in Morocco. You can find them on Amazon in a variety of styles and patterns. If you’re in the states, Ross typically carries them in their dress section for under $20. 


You’ll want to pack a swimsuit if you’re planning to visit a hammam and/or to enjoy riad pools. During our hammam experience, we wore our suits for maybe 20 minutes so it doesn’t matter what kind you bring. Also, since hotel and riad pools are private spaces, you can wear any swimwear you wish. I would just avoid micro/tanning bikinis. 


Pack some leggings and an oversized t-shirt work or a cute matching set to sleep in. Leggings can be washed easily and worn again for the airport, if you’re trying to limit the amount of items you’re packing. 


If you’re going on a 4 day trip of course you need to pack 6 bras and 16 pairs of underwear. I’m just kidding but you know how often you like to change your undergarments. Pack accordingly. Also, don’t forget things like Spanx and a strapless bra if your outfits require them. Oh, and socks!

What Shoes to Pack for Morocco


Sneakers are great for Morocco. You can explore cities and markets comfortably, navigate uneven terrain with ease, and maintain a casual yet practical style. The Dr.Scholl’s Time Off platform sneakers are super comfortable and pretty much look good with everything. 


Sandals are another shoe I recommend packing for Morocco. They work with everything (pants,skirt, etc.) and can be worn on dressier occasions. 

If you’re just visiting Marrakech or sticking to cityscapes, something like a Dr. Martens’ Blair sandal or Naturalizer Darry sandal would be good. If you’re also planning on visiting the desert and dunes, I’d also recommend bringing a pair of Tevas. It’s just easier to deal with the sand and you don’t have to worry about it sitting in your sneakers. 

Blaire Sandal
Darry Sandal

What to Pack for Morocco – Accessories

Scarf or Shawl

Pack a scarf or shawl for Morocco to stay modest in conservative areas, shield from desert winds, and provide warmth during cooler evenings. 


Of course, don’t forget to pack some sunglasses. They’ll shield your eyes from the intense sunlight and reduce glare in sandy areas, plus they’re a stylish accessory to add to your outfit. I personally love the RayBan Round Metals and the Jezabell sunglasses from Quay.

Sun Hat or Baseball Cap

Pack a sun hat or baseball cap to shield you from the intense sun and to prevent getting a sunburn. This hat clip from Amazon makes it easier to travel with your bigger hats because you don’t have to worry about carrying it.

Toiletries to Pack for Morocco  

Toilet Tissue/Wipes

Some bathrooms in Morocco don’t have toilet tissue, so bring some wipes or tissue with you. I brought the Cottonelle flushable wipes because the packaging was slim and easy to carry in my purse. These wipes from amazon are also in small, convenient packaging.

Note: Not all bathrooms have flushable toilets. Sometimes you’ll encounter a porcelain hole in the ground.


Sunscreen is a must in Morocco, no matter the season you’re visiting.The North African sun can be very intense and you’ll want to protect your skin from the UV rays. Water resistant formulas provide long-lasting coverage and are perfect for beach days or desert excursions. 

Shampoo and Conditioner

I’m pro-pack your own shampoo and conditioner. Yes, most hotels and riads will provide some but they might not be the best for your hair type. 


If you have a 6-step skincare routine at home, don’t stop it just because you’re traveling. You don’t want your skin freaking out because you decided to skip your niacinamide serum. Whether you’re walking around the souks or quad biking in the desert, you’re exposing your skin to new pollutants so you’ll want to be able to cleanse, treat, and moisturize properly. 

Toothbrush + Toothpaste

Of course, don’t forget to pack your toothbrush and toothpaste. You’ll want to make sure you can clean all the sugar from sweets off your teeth. I currently use this travel toothbrush.


For makeup, I would pack your essentials. I typically travel with foundation, concealer, blush, setting powder, bronzer, eyeliner, brow gel, lip gloss, and my brushes. Sometimes I’ll also bring a compact versatile eyeshadow palette like this one from Lawless

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I’m putting this one separately in case you just glanced over makeup. Bring some chapstick with SPF in it to keep your lips moisturized and to prevent them from getting sunburnt. Yes, this is a thing that can happen. Signed by someone who lives in Phoenix. 

Hand Sanitizer

I love the Touchland hand sanitizers because they smell wonderful, but any hand sanitizer will do.


Stay fresh and comfortable in the heat. I like to pack a solid stick to apply in the hotel room, and then I’ll carry a mini spray deodorant on me to reapply throughout the day if needed. 


Morocco has a dry climate. Pack some lotion to keep your skin hydrated and to prevent dryness and irritation. Plus, you’ll want your skin to look healthy and glowy in your pictures. 

Bug Spray

Pack bug spray to ward off mosquitoes and other insects like sand flies. If you’re traveling between May and October this is very important as that’s when these bugs are most active. We didn’t see any mosquitos when we visited in February but that’s not to say there aren’t some lingering around. 

I highly recommend this bug spray, but just make sure to let it dry down before putting sandals on as it does sometimes cause finishes to rub off.

Remember to pack according to the season and your planned activities (quad biking, beach days, camel rides), and consider the cultural norms and modesty expectations in different areas of Morocco.


Should I bring toilet paper to Morocco?

Yes! As mentioned above there will be some places that don’t provide any. I mainly encountered this in small shops and restaurants. 

Should I take a backpack or suitcase to Morocco?

Whichever you feel more comfortable bringing. In Marrakech and Fes, there are people with luggage carts that will carry your luggage to your accommodation for a small fee (40-60 dirham is appropriate. Don’t let them try to tell you it’s more). 

Also, when we did our desert tour, a jeep took our bags to camp while we rode the camels in. So, if you’re a suitcase person, bring a suitcase. If you’re a backpack person, bring a backpack.

How should female tourists dress in Morocco?

As I mentioned above, in popular tourist areas, you’ll see female tourists wearing anything and everything. When I was there, I saw short shorts and spaghetti straps. Also, I wore outfits that didn’t cover me head to toe, and had no issues. I also didn’t experience any extra attention based on what I was wearing. 

The shop owners typically will call out something like “Shakira” or “Lady Gaga” or say something about you being beautiful under their breath, but none of it made me feel uncomfortable. 

However, if you are worried, bring a scarf or shawl in your bag to cover up. 

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