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10+ Morocco Outfit Ideas: What to Wear in Marrakech & Beyond


Looking for some Morocco outfit ideas? Well, you’re in the right place! 

I’ve put together this Morocco lookbook to share with you all the outfits I wore during my 10 day trip. If you’re interested in shopping my looks, included links to the exact products that are still available, and also included some similar alternatives for you. 

Morocco Outfit Ideas for Women

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*This post contains affiliate links. Which means that if you purchase something after clicking on a link, I may earn a small commission at no extra cost to you.

What to Wear in Morocco – Outfit Idea #1

Long Sleeve Black Dress

This black long sleeve dress is from Target. We were in such a rush our first day in Morocco I didn’t get a photo in it, but wanted to still include it in this post. It was on the sale rack and no longer available online, but check the box below for some alternatives.

What to Wear in Morocco – Outfit Idea #2

morocco outfit ideas

Long Sleeve White Dress

Another Target find! This white cinch waist dress is one of my favorite items I wore the entire trip, and I actually love it so much I got it in another colorway. Check out outfit #11.

It’s lightweight, has pockets, and the sleeves and length make it perfect for visiting sites that require modesty. 

What to Wear in Morocco – Outfit Idea #3

what to wear in marrakech

Black Tank Dress

This black spaghetti strap dress from H&M is one of those pieces I continually reach for. It’s easy, comfy and can be worn for a variety of occasions. I wore it to dinner at El Salama our second night in Marrakech. The exact dress is from a couple of seasons ago but this one is similar.

What to Wear in Morocco – Outfit Idea #4

what to wear to jardin majorelle in marrakech

Yellow Tube Top Dress

This yellow tube top dress from Fashion Nova is another favorite. It has really nice movement which is great for photos. It comes in a couple of different colors but I picked yellow because I knew I wanted to wear it to either Jardin Majorelle or Chefchaouen. The yellow just really pops against the blue! 

What to Wear in Morocco – Outfit Idea #5

morocco outfit ideas

Black Two-Piece Set

If you’re plus to mid-size and you’re looking for cute vacation clothes, check out Boohoo! This eyelet set is from there and so cute. I knew going to Marrakech I wanted to get a picture in front of this iconic spice shop and this set worked perfectly. Plus, it was nice enough for our dinner at La Trattoria. 

What to Wear in Morocco – Outfit Idea #6

morocco outfit ideas - desert tour

Black Printed Satin Pants with Bandeau and White Shirt

For the first day of our desert tour, I wore these black printed satin pants and black bandeau from Fashion Nova and threw a white button down from Old Navy over top. I knew we’d be spending a lot of time in the car, so I wanted something comfortable but still cute for when we did stop for pictures. 

What to Wear in Morocco – Outfit Idea #7

what to wear in morocco

Brown Two piece Set with Bandeau

I really like this brown two piece set from Fashion Nova. You can wear it buttoned up or with a shirt/bandeau underneath like I did. I originally wore this because we were riding camels this day but decided to change into outfit #8… 

What to Wear in Morocco – Outfit Idea #8

what to wear camel riding

Maroon Kaftan

In Marrakesh you can find tons of shops selling kaftans and other traditional clothing. We spent a couple of hours in one shop, which is where I picked out this maroon kaftan. 

I thought it would be cute to wear it while riding a camel and being in the desert, so I changed out of the brown set. If you’re also planning on wearing a kaftan camel riding, I would recommend wearing a longer biker short underneath. I wore leggings and they peaked out in pictures which I didn’t love. 

Before getting to the Erg Chebbi, the desert where our camel ride took place, we stopped at a market and picked out our keffiyeh (traditional headdress) scarves. The shop owner let us try them on to see which colors and patterns we liked, and I opted for this mauve and burgundy option. 

If there’s one of these Morocco outfit ideas you should try to replicate, it’s this one. It’s the most culturally authentic, and it’s fun to embrace a style you might not otherwise wear.

What to Wear in Morocco – Outfit Idea #9

what to wear in morocco

Blue Two-Piece Set

I call this my wild card set. It was on sale at Fashion Nova, so I got it and actually really liked it. However, I will say that the bright blue made me stick out like a sore thumb. We visited in February and in the mountains it does get pretty chilly so people were in jackets and muted colors, and there I was in this cookie monster blue satiny set. 

What to Wear in Morocco – Outfit Idea #10

what to wear in fes

Black Long Sleeve Shirt with Printed Maxi

It was chilly and rainy when we arrived in Fes, so I wore the black thermal I packed for Paris (we had a stopover there) and wore the black maxi skirt from the two piece set again. I also used my keffiyeh scarf for a pop of color and added warmth.

What to Wear in Morocco – Outfit Idea #11

what to wear in chefchaouen

Green and White Striped Dress

Remember the white Target dress? Well here it is again but with green stripes. What can I say? When I like something, I like something. 

I wore this dress for our day trip to Chefchaouen, also known as the blue city. In hindsight, I really wish I would have bought another yellow piece to wear there. The white and green wasn’t bad, but Brooke, my travel companion, wore a bright yellow skirt and it really popped against the blue. 

What to Wear in Morocco – Outfit Idea #12

what to wear in fes

Black and White Geometric Print Dress

Another Boohoo piece! When I saw this black and white geometric dress on their site, it just screamed Morocco to me. 

What to Wear in Morocco – Outfit Idea #13

morocco outfit ideas

Puff Sleeve Printed Dress

The last piece I wore in Morocco was this puff sleeve printed dress I got from H&M a few years ago. It’s easily one of my favorite pieces in my closet, so it’s been to a couple of destinations with me. As it’s a couple of years old it’s no longer available on the site, but H&M often comes out with similar styles.

What Shoes to Wear in Morocco

I alternated between two pairs of shoes while in Morocco. The Dr. Scholl’s Time Off Sneakers and the Dr. Martens Blaire Sandals. In hindsight, I should have also brought a pair of Tevas for the desert to keep sand out of my sneakers.

I hope these Morocco outfit ideas gave you some inspiration of what to wear on your Moroccan adventure! For a complete list of everything to pack for Morocco check out my Morocco packing guide.


What should female tourists wear in Morocco?

A lot of blogs I read before traveling to Morocco made it seem you had to be covered head to toe at all times while traveling throughout the country. However, being on the ground I noticed female tourists wearing all sorts of clothing.

As you can tell from my outfits above, my knees and shoulders weren’t covered at all times. I opted for an either or situation, unless I was visiting a site that required both to be covered.

Regardless of what I was wearing, yellow tube top dress or the white dress from target, male shop owners would say things like, “Shakira” or “Beautiful.” It didn’t make me feel uneasy or uncomfortable, and I just kept it moving.

Do you have to wear a hijab when visiting Morocco?

No, you don’t have to wear a hijab when visiting Morocco.

Is it ok to wear shorts in Morocco?

That depends. In Marrakech, as long as the shorts aren’t super short and you keep everything covered, I’d say yes! In Marrakech the dress code is very lax, but if you’re visiting a more remote area with less tourists, I would opt for maxi/midi skirt or pants. The locals in less trafficked areas prefer more conservative clothing.

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