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4 Days in Marrakech – The Best Itinerary for First Timers


During my 10-Day Morocco adventure, I spent 4 days in Marrakech experiencing culinary delights, gazing upon architectural marvels, and learning about Moroccan customs and culture.

If you’re looking for some suggestions on what to do, where to eat, etcetera, etcetera, you’re in the right place! I’ve put together this comprehensive guide to help you plan a trip that dives into the heart of this vibrant Moroccan city. 

From exploring historic medinas to indulging in traditional cuisine, this Marrakech travel guide will help you discover the magic of Marrakech as you wander through bustling markets, historical landmarks and tranquil oases.

Before jumping into the itinerary, I’ve included some information you might find helpful while planning your trip.  

How to Spend 4 Days in Marrakech Itinerary

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Best Time to Visit Marrakech

The best times to visit Marrakech are in the spring and fall. March, April, May, September, and October offer the most pleasant weather. Days will be warm and nights will be cool and you’re less likely to have rain on the forecast. 

I personally visited in February and I found the weather to be nice as well. It was in the 70s during the day and would drop to high 50s//low 60s at night. February is considered to be the rainy season in Marrakech, but luckily it didn’t rain at all while I was there and the sky remained clear and blue. 

If you’d rather not chance the possibility of rain, visit in the spring or fall. 

marrakech itinerary for first-timers

Getting to Marrakech from the Airport

The best way to get from Marrakech Airport is to take a taxi.

Outside of the airport you’ll find a taxi stand. You’ll pay for your fare at the stand and then get a ticket with a number. Across from the stand you’ll see an elevated parking lot where all of the taxis line up. Find the taxi with your number on it and they’ll take you to your destination. 

Just note, if you’re staying in the medina chances are the taxi can only take you so far as the streets aren’t wide enough for vehicles.  You’ll most likely have to walk 5-10 minutes to your accommodations. There are luggage carriers that will offer to cart your bags for you. Just know this isn’t a free service unless it’s arranged by your accommodations. Even then, depending on how many bags you have and the distance traveled, 20-40 dirhams would be an appropriate tip. They will sometimes try to haggle you for more, you can offer an additional 10/20 dirham or stand firm with your original offer and tell them take it or leave it. 

luggage carrier in marrakech, morocco

How to Get Around Marrakech

If you’re staying in the medina, it’s easy enough to walk around to most of the sites. There’s also taxis available to reach places outside of the medina. 

The taxi prices are negotiable typically. If the price sounds too high, negotiate it down 20 or so dirham. From the Medina to La Trattoria the driver quoted us 80, we had gone a similar distance earlier in the day and were quoted 60. We countered with 60 and he agreed. 

Don’t Forget to Insure your Trip!

Where to Stay in Marrakech

Riad NaaNaa

Riad NaaNaa is located in the heart of the medina. It’s about a 12 minute walk from where the taxi drop off is. To get to the riad, you have to walk through market stalls and a couple of small alleys. At night when the stalls are closed, there’s hardly anyone around walking the streets. As a female traveler, I didn’t feel unsafe but I was certainly on high alert. One of our tour guides said to us, “It’s safe, but it’s better to not be on the streets late at night.”

Riad Nayanour

Riad Nayanour is on the outskirts of the medina and only a 4 minute walk from a taxi drop off point. We stayed here for one night on the backend of our trip. Like every hotel we stayed at in Morocco, we were greeted with mint tea and some small sweets at check in. The staff were friendly and helped us carry our very heavy suitcases up and down the stairs, a lot of riads don’t have elevators. Our room was basic but comfortable and clean. As this riad isn’t far from the taxi drop off and not located in the heart of the medina, I felt more comfortable walking here at night. However, I think Riad NaaNaa does have better proximity to sites. 

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What to Pack for 4 Days in Marrakech

Check out my Morocco packing list and Morocco outfit ideas posts for details about what to bring on your trip and how to dress.

Where to Eat in Marrakech

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El Fenn

Address: Derb Moulay Abdullah Ben Hezzian, 2, Marrakesh 40000, Morocco

Reservations Accepted

El Fenn is a hotel that also has a rooftop bar and restaurant that’s open to the public. Visit near sunset so you can take in the views of the medina while there is still light out but also enjoy the moody atmosphere of the restaurant when the sun sets. El Fenn has great food and delicious cocktails. I recommend the El Ksour Gin cocktail,  the celery and artichoke risotto and the lemon cheesecake. 

Hours: Monday – Sunday 12:30 PM – 11:00 PM

Le Salama Sky-bar

Address: 40 Rue des Banques, Marrakech 40000, Morocco

Reservations Accepted

Le Salama Sky-bar in Marrakech

Le Salama Sky-bar is open for lunch and dinner and serves elevated Moroccan and international cuisines. Situated in the midst of Jemaa el-Fna, this restaurant/bar offers 360 degree views of the medina and the Atlas Mountains from its panoramic terrace. If you’re interested in seeing belly dancers, you’ll want to visit during dinnertime. We had reservations around sunset and left before the dancers came out, but I believe the host said they came out around 9:00 PM . 

Hours: Monday – Sunday 12:00 PM – 2:00 AM

Dardar Rooftop

Address: 40 Rue des Banques, Marrakech 40000, Morocco

Reservations Accepted

Dardar Rooftop is the perfect place to grab lunch or sunset cocktails. Located 5 minutes from Jemaa el-Fna square, Dardar’s rooftop offers stunning views of the city and Koutoubia Mosque. They serve modern Moroccan cuisine in small tapas style plates as well as bigger plates. I recommend the wings and metek cocktail. 

Hours: Monday – Sunday 12:00 PM – 2:00 AM

Comptoir Dardar

Address: Av. Echouhada, Marrakech 40000, Morocco

Reservations Accepted

If you’re looking for a great place to have your final dinner in Marrakech, check out Comptoir Darna. Serving up Moroccan and global cuisine, Comptoir Darna is a chic eatery with a great atmosphere and belly dancing shows that happen a couple times a night. They’re open until 1:00 AM so after dinner, you can make your way to the second floor bar for cocktails and festivities. 

Hours: Monday – Sunday 7:00 PM – 1:00 AM

La Trattoria

Address: 179 Rue Mohammed el Beqal, Marrakech 40000, Morocco

Reservations Accepted

La Trattoria in marrakech, morocco

La Trattoria is a delicious Italian restaurant located about a 15 minute drive from the medina. The space is absolutely stunning inside and out. The exterior features an array of lounges and chairs with a large birdcage serving as a focal point. Inside you’re greeted by dozens of Moroccan lanterns floating above a beautiful, blue pool illuminating the space providing a dim and moody atmosphere.

Hours: 12:00 PM – 12:00 AM

Le Jardin 

Address: 32 Souk Jeld Sidi Abdelaziz, Marrakesh 40000, Morocco

Reservations Accepted

Le Jardin is another popular restaurant in Marrakech. I don’t know if we just ordered the wrong things or what, but we weren’t fans of it. I got the burger and Brook ordered the zucchini fritters. The burger isn’t bad but has an interesting texture and is seasoned with a Moroccan blend of spices. As for the fritters, they are crispy on the outside but a little slimy on the inside. The flavors are good, but we couldn’t get past the texture.

Also, it’s worth noting they don’t serve alcoholic beverages. They have some mocktails and a couple of juice blends if you’re interested in something outside of water and soda.

Hours: Monday – Sunday 10:00 AM – 11:00 PM

Other Places to Eat and Drink 

Things to do with 4 Days in Marrakech

Medina Tour

To get your bearings, I highly recommend booking a Medina tour on your first day in Marrakech. You can set a budget with your tour guide and they’ll take you around to different shops that fit your budget while teaching you about the city. There’s plenty of tours available on Get Your Guide and Viator, or you can also schedule a tour through your accommodation. 

Bahia Palace

Address: Marrakesh 40000, Morocco

Bahia Palace is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Marrakech. Built in the 19th century, the name of the palace in Arabic means “Brilliance.” Steeped in history and culture, Bahia Palace is an architectural masterpiece. Wander through its rooms and take in the beauty of the vibrant tiles, delicate stucco work, and intricate wood carvings. Also, don’t miss the beautifully tranquil gardens and courtyards that offer a piece of serenity amongst the bustling city. 

Opening Hours: Monday – Friday 9:00  AM – 5:00  PM

Cost: 70 dirhams (~$7 USD)

Badi Palace

Address: Ksibat Nhass, Marrakech 40000, Morocco

Another palace to see in Marrakech is El Badi Palace or Badi Palace. The palace was commissioned by the sultan Ahmad al-Mansur of the Saadian dynasty in 1578. Rather intact after all these years, you can learn about Morocco’s rich history and architectural prowess as you roam through the grounds. Adorned with mosaics and towering stone walls, Badi Palace is a timeless beauty with historical significance and definitely deserves a spot on your Marrakech itinerary. 

things to do with 4 days in marrakech - badi palace
things to do with 4 days in marrakech - badi palace

Opening Hours: Monday – Friday 9:00  AM – 5:00  PM

Cost: 70 dirhams (~$7 USD)

Koutoubia Mosque

Address: Marrakesh 40000, Morocco

Kutubiyya Mosque, or Koutoubia Mosque,  is the largest mosque in Marrakesh, Morocco. The iconic symbol of Marrakech is known for its towering minaret which dominates the city skyline. You can admire the Hispano-Moorish designed minaret from the gardens and courtyards that surround the mosque. The mosque itself is not open to tourists but on Fridays the doors are open for prayers so you may be able to sneak a peek of its interior. 

4 days in marrakech itinerary - koutoubia

Opening Hours: Mosque – Daily 9:00 AM – 6:00 PM (not open to non-muslims), tower can be viewed 24/7

Cost: Free

Yves Saint Laurent Museum

Address: Rue Yves St Laurent, Marrakech 40000, Morocco

One of the most popular things to do in Marrakech is to visit the Yves Saint Laurent Museum. The museum’s architecture takes inspiration from Saint Laurent’s iconic designs and weaves in traditional Moroccan aesthetics. Inside there are exhibitions showcasing Saint Laurent’s life and work. Unfortunately, the YSL Museum was closed when I was in Marrakech due to them switching out exhibits. If I ever make it back to Marrakech the YSL Museum is at the top of my list of things to see. 

Opening Hours: Thursday – Monday: 10:00 AM – 6:30 PM, Tuesday: 10:00 AM – 6:00 PM, Wednesday: Closed

Cost: 135 Dirham (~$13.50 USD) for just the YSL Museum, 325 Dirham (~$32.50 USD)  for YSL Museum, Jardin Majorelle And Musée Berbère combined ticket

Jardin Majorelle 

Address:  Rue Yves St Laurent, Marrakech 40090, Morocco

When visiting the YSL Museum, don’t miss the nearby Jardin Majorelle. Originally designed by French painter Jacques Majorelle, the gardens were acquired and restored by Yves Saint Laurent and Pierre Bergé. You’ve probably seen pictures of the garden’s iconic electric blue structures on social media. Get there early if you want to capture pictures without tons of people in the background. For pictures near the popular blue building, people were pretty polite about taking turns and letting you get your shots. 

jardin majorelle
marrakech itinerary - jardin majorelle

Opening Hours: Monday – Sunday 8:00 AM – 6:30 PM

Cost: 165 Dirham (~$16.50 USD)  for just Jardin Majorelle, 325 Dirham (~$32.50 USD)  for YSL Museum, Jardin Majorelle And Musée Berbère combined ticket

Musée Berbère

Address: 40, 090 Rue Yves St Laurent, Marrakech 40000, Morocco

Musée Berbère is located within the Jardin Majorelle. The museum showcases a collection of Berber artifacts, textiles, and traditional craftsmanship. Most people just visit Jardin Majorelle and skip the museum, but if you’re interested in Berber culture it may be worth paying the extra 55 dirham to see the different bits inside. Just note there are no pictures or videos allowed in the museum.

Opening Hours: Monday – Sunday 8:00 AM – 6:00 PM

Cost: 220 Dirham (~$22.00 USD)  for Jardin Majorelle and Musée Berbère, 325 Dirham (~$32.50 USD)  for YSL Museum, Jardin Majorelle And Musée Berbère combined ticket

Medresa Ben Youssef

Address: Rue Assouel, Marrakech 40000, Morocco

Dating back to the 14th Century, Medresa Ben Youssef is a stunning display of Islamic architecture and provides a glimpse into the world of Islamic education. Adorned with intricate stucco, carved cedar woodwork, and a serene courtyard with ornate mosaics, the medersa is definitely a place not to be missed while in Marrakech. 

You’ll enter the premises via the vestibule, the passage between the outer door and the interior of the building. This area showcases traditional Moroccan art and the attention to detail synonymous with Islamic architecture. From there you can explore the prayer hall, patio, Andalusian basin, Maada (a type of water reservoir), and student room and facilities. 

Medresa Ben Youssef

Opening Hours: Monday – Sunday 9:00 AM – 8:00 PM

Cost:  50 Dirham (~$5 USD)

Musée du Parfum

Address: 2, Derb Chérif, Rue Diour Saboun, Marrakech 40000, Morocco

If you’re looking for something unique to do in Marrakech, check out the Musée du Parfum. At the museum you’ll learn all about the art and history of perfume making in Morocco. You also have the opportunity to craft your own perfume. 

After walking through museum, you’ll find a small workshop in the courtyard where you will begin the process by smelling an array of different notes. Once you find 3-5 you like, the perfumer on staff will then give you feedback and start blending your perfume. After you’ve nailed down your scent, you’ll pick out a name and the perfumer will write it in Arabic on the bottle for you. 

This is a fun activity to do in Marrakech and a fun souvenir to bring back with you. 

Opening Hours: Monday – Sunday 9:00 AM – 5:30PM 

Cost: Entry 50 Dirham, Perfume making varies depending on strength and size

Le Jardin Secret

Address: 121 Rue Mouassine, Marrakesh 40030, Morocco

Le Jardin Secret is a lush oasis amidst the busy medina. Blending Moorish and Andalusian styles, the garden’s architecture provides a perfect backdrop to the exotic plants and beautiful fountains littered throughout.  After strolling the garden,  take a  break and enjoy some refreshments from the onsite cafe. 

le jardin secret in marrakech

Opening Hours: Tuesday – Sunday 9:30 AM – 7:30 AM, Monday 2:00 PM – 7:30 PM

Cost: 100 Dirham( ~$10 USD)

Visit a Hammam

If there’s one thing you absolutely have to do while in Marrakech, it’s visit a Hammam. The word “hammam” refers to a type of spa experience and the physical place where the treatment takes place. A hammam experience involves cleansing the body with steam or water. There’s also a full body scrub down involved that will leave your skin feeling brand new. 

I personally visited Les Bains de Marrakech and had a wonderful hammam experience. They offer 1 to 4 hour experiences with a variety of treatment options. For every hour, you can add a treatment. Treatments include different hammams, massages, mud treatments, and facials. If you go for the 4 hour experience, you’ll also have the option to do one of their baths. 

Visiting a hammam was definitely one of the highlights of my 4 days in Marrakech. I did a 3 hour experience with the traditional hammam, serenity massage and tenderness facial. The massage was more so being rubbed down with oil so if you’re looking for something more go for “the intense.”

Les Bains de Marrakech Address: Bab Agnaou, 2 Derb Sedra, Marrakesh 40000, Morocco

Opening Hours: Monday – Sunday 9:30 AM – 8:00 PM 

Cost: 550 – 1600 Dirham (~$55 – $160 USD) at Les Bains de Marrakech

More Things to do with 4 days in Marrakech

4 Days in Marrakech Itinerary + Map

Note about this itinerary: I arrived in Marrakech midday from the states, so I was limited as to what I could see and do on my first day. Also, I didn’t spend my 4 days in Marrakech consecutively. I did three days at the beginning of my 10-day trip and then another day at the end before flying home. 

My 4-Day Marrakech Itinerary 

Day 1

Day 2

  • Badi Palace 
  • Lunch at Dardar Rooftop
  • Shopping in the souks
  • Koutoubia
  • Dinner at Le Salama

Day 3

  • Jardin Majorelle and Musée Berbère
  • Bahia Palace
  • Lunch at Le Jardin
  • Medresa Ben Youssef
  • Musee Du Parfum
  • Le Jardin Secret
  • Dinner at La Trattoria

Day 4

  • Hammam
  • Souvenir Shopping 
  • Dinner at Comptoir Darna

Alternative Marrakech Itinerary 

Day 1

Day 2

  • Badi Palace 
  • Bahia Palace
  • Lunch at Dardar Rooftop
  • Koutoubia
  • Saadian Tombs
  • Dinner at Le Salama

Day 3

  • Jardin Majorelle
  • YSL Museum
  • Lunch at Le Jardin and/ or coffee and dessert at Bacha Coffee
  • Medresa Ben Youssef
  • Le Jardin Secret
  • Hammam
  • Dinner at La Trattoria

Day 4

Marrakech is a special place and I’m glad I had the opportunity to visit. Will I return? I don’t know.

I feel like I got everything out of my trip that I wanted, minus visiting the YSL Museum. There’s so many other places on my bucket list that I want to visit that a revisit to Marrakech isn’t a high priority. However, if a brand or the Morocco tourism board wants to send me to Marrakech I wouldn’t be opposed.

But anyways, I hope this post helps you plan your 4 days in Marrakech and I hope you have a wonderful time exploring this magical city.


Is 4 Days enough for Marrakech?

I think 4 days in Marrakech is enough to see the city’s main highlights and squeeze in a day trip to the desert or Ouzoud Waterfalls 

Is it expensive in Marrakech? 

Coming from the states, I didn’t find Marrakech to be expensive but it also wasn’t as cheap as I was expecting either. The US dollar is very strong in Morocco ( ~ 10 dirham  to 1 USD) which is nice. 

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