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A Simple Copenhagen, Denmark Travel Diary


Denmark is definitely my favorite country I visited on this trip. Maybe because it was the only place where there was blue skies, or maybe it was just the charm of Copenhagen.

The city reminds me of Amsterdam with the canals and huge amount of bikes. And turns out, Christianshavn, an area of Copenhagen, was created to mimic Amsterdam in hopes of luring rich Dutch people to the city.

Fun/Random Fact: I did my 4th grade country report on Denmark!

We arrived in Denmark too early to check in to our room, so we decided to grab brunch and start sightseeing. We ate at Mad & Kaffe, a cute little spot not far from where we were staying. The idea of this place is to “build your brunch,” which is kinda cool. You can pick between 3, 5 and 7 dishes and duplicates are allowed. I had the salmon, scrambled eggs with mushrooms, avocado with chili and almonds, and a fresh glass of OJ. The food was very fresh and tasted great.

After brunch, we headed to Amalienborg Palace. While we were looking around, we began to hear music and from a window saw that a changing of the guards had begun. We raced downstairs and out to the courtyard to catch the rest of the ceremony. When it was over we went to The Marble Church, which is across the street and hands down one of my favorite churches that I have ever visited. The architecture and the way the biblical references are laid out is pretty amazing. We stayed here for a little while admiring the decor and then headed out to stroll the streets.

We popped into a few stores before spotting a cute little Christmas market in Nyhavn. I bought some fudge, and in hindsight, some rather expensive handmade tiles from an art student. I’m working on purchasing souvenirs that can be nicely displayed or actually used in my home,  instead of buying keychains and cheesy shot glasses that’ll just collect dust.

After the market, it was time to check in. We freshened up a little and then headed to Ragnarock, a cool music museum in Roskilde.

The next day we took a canal cruise and visited the Church of Our Savior. We also made it to Den Blå Planet, Denmark’s national aquarium. I had never been to an aquarium before and I really enjoyed our time there. When we were done watching the otters and petting starfish, we went back to our hostel to layer up for some fun-filled hours at Tivoli. If you have time, definitely check out this little amusement park for some good food, fun rides and cool souvenirs.I didn’t know it when I planned the trip, but we saved the best for last. Copenhagen is such a beautiful city with an unique and interesting background. The people are friendly and the vibe is just right. I’ll definitely be back, but for now it’s farvel.




  • When I read about Christianshavn I thuoght for a second that you were talking about Christiania and then I thought… nope, that part was definetely not prepared to attaract people with money! hahaha. Lovely post! And love the octopus =)

  • Danica

    I’ll be in Denmark this year, thanks for the itinerary ideas. You’re pictures are great. Perhaps sizing them down a bit more would leave more of an impact. I had to scroll to see a whole photo at once. Just an opinion, your blog is great. Keep traveling!

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