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Out & About #003: Ragnarock Exhibit


Ragnarock celebrates Danish youth culture through the lens of music.

You start by entering an elevator with “lift me up” painted in bold black letters. As you make your way up to the 3rd floor non-elevator music is played, and the guy at the info desk said that this is the time to jam out.

Once you exit the elevator you enter what looks like a shattered glass room. The top/1st floor is very psychedelic in sound and imagery. As you walk around you have the chance to put on headphones, and listen to music facts and history as well as music from various artists.

On the top floor there are backstage passes. This allows you to play an interactive game as you make your way though the museum. The idea is that you create a band and choose a lifetime want for that band. From there you move to different stations where you make choices like who the members are and what label to sign with all in hopes of making your lifetime goal a reality. It’s kinda fun, and a nice intermission between learning numerous facts.

Once you’ve finished to the top level you move down to the second level which has more of a punk feel to it. Here you’ll find a huge record spinning in the middle of the floor, a dance dance revolution styled game and of course activities to increase your music knowledge.

It was interesting to see how music influenced and played a part in Danish youth culture.  If you’re ever in Copenhagen I️ definitely recommend checking out Ragnarock.



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