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Out & About #004: The Happy Place


I love a good pop-up experience, and The Happy Place is the most recent one I have been to.

The idea of this place is not only to be a great photo op but a good time for those who enter. From the opportunity to jump into a pot of gold to the treats you get throughout, The Happy Place is a fun, interactive experience.

Pop-ups like this are showing up everywhere nowadays. And while you should definitely do it for the gram, also visit because there are real artists behind these installations. Personally, I love seeing what people are capable of creating.

Visiting The Happy Place makes for a nice weekend activity for all ages. I went on a Friday night, and there were tons of middle-aged men and women goofing off, and having a great time.

If you have the chance, visit The Happy Place with some friends and experience it for yourself.

Check out my experience there below:




  • Annie

    This looks amazing! What city is it in?

    • Timpani

      It was a lot of fun! It’s in Los Angeles.

  • Stefania

    Unfortunately it’s too far away for me! Amazing!

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