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Out & About #002: Magic City Art Exhibit


While in Sweden, I visited the Magic City Art of the Streets Exhibit.

The exhibition is the brainchild of Carlo McCormic and Ethel Seno who set out to create a playground for the imagination. Magic city features anamorphic art, augmented reality, graffiti, muralism and amusements. The exhibition features works from Banksy, Olek, Leon Keer and many more.

I️ stumbled upon MC when I️ was looking for things to do on a trip to Stockholm. The exhibit was listed on the Stockholm tourism website, and after seeing some imagery, I️ knew I️ had to check it out while I️ was in the city.

Once you get through the opening piece by The London Police Club, the exhibit is pretty much a free for all. There are numbers on the exhibits but you are free to view them as you wish, and you don’t have to follow them in any particular order.

It dawned on me midway through the exhibition that the reason it was called magic city was because a lot of the art was 2-D to the naked eye, but with the use of a camera or the app on the guides the art came to life like magic.

Before making its way to Stockholm, Magic City was in Munich and Dresden prior to that. The exhibit will remain in Sweden until April 2018, and there hasn’t been word on where the exhibit may relocate next. I loved this exhibit because it really showcased the talents of street artist, and if it makes its way near you I’d highly recommend you check it out.

Inside my trip to Magic City:



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