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My Favorite Beauty Products


The first time I ever wore makeup was in sixth grade to my school’s spring carnival. I had a brief stint of friendship with the “popular” kids and they invited me to meet them there, and I wanted to be cool so I snuck into my mom’s makeup bag and slapped some stuff on my face. And I have to say for the first time, it actually didn’t look bad. This story is completely random but I thought I’d share it because this is my first beauty post and it’s about my favorite products of all time. That being said let’s jump in!

Foundation: Estee Lauder Double Wear Foundation has been my foundation since I was about sixteen. Before that I tried drug store brands like Maybelline and when I entered high school my mom bought me a Mac starter kit. Although I was super ecstatic to have my own Mac products, I just didn’t care for the way the foundation made my skin feel. So,  my sister suggested that I use Estee Lauder and it’s been the foundation I always go back to. I try a few things here and there but haven’t liked anything quite like the double wear’s coverage and finish.

Mascara: I’m not as picky with my mascara as I am with my foundation. I typically buy drugstore brands my favorite being Maybelline. I honestly haven’t disliked a single mascara I’ve tried by them but my favorite one they’ve released thus far is the Sensational. I’m also a fan of the little sample mascaras that Estee Lauder gives out in their promotional beauty bags.

Eyeliner: I’ve gone through a lot of eyeliners before arriving at the ones I used today. Most of my eyeliner experimentation happened in 7th & 8th grade when I was going through my skater, emo phase. Don’t judge me, practically everyone goes through one. Anyways, my favorite kohl eyeliner is Waterproof Maybelline Unstoppable. It’s long-lasting and I often wake up with it still intact after a night out while everything else is gone. My favorite gel liner is the Loreal Infalliable. It’s super black and goes on really smooth.

Lipsticks: Now, here is where my love for Mac lies. I love their satin and matte formulas. My favorite nudish color is Verve and Media is a gorgeous dark wine color.

Blush: I haven’t tried too many blushes but I’m a fan of Mac. My favorite colors are Ambering Rose (a coral based shade with gold shimmer) and Gingerly (a warm coral color).

Concealer: Unfortunately, I’m still on the hunt for a concealer that works well for me. If anyone has any good suggestions as well as a setting powder to use with it, I’m open to suggestions!

And with that we’ve reached the end of my favorite beauty products. What are some of your favorites? I’d love to hear about them below!




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