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3 Days in Santorini Travel Vlog


I recently started my YouTube channel, and so far I’ve shared some lifestyle content such as my goals for 2020 and a healthy grocery haul. However, today’s video is a 3 Days in Santorini travel vlog!

My plan was to launch my YouTube channel when I got back from Santorini, but that just didn’t work out. However, I still had the footage I shot saved on my hard drive. With a few videos under my belt, I felt ready to dig through the 100s of files and piece together this 3 Days in Santorini Travel Vlog. I have footage from Paros, Mykonos, and Paris as well so you can expect those travel vlogs to roll out soon.

I’m really excited to be able to share content with you in a new way. I love watching travel vlogs and utilize them when planning my travels. Sometimes pictures and words just don’t do it, and videos are a fun way to get the info I need. It is my hope that these travel vlogs will serve as a resource and inspiration for you and your travels.

I’d love it if you’d watch the vlog and let me know your thoughts. This is my first go at travel vlogging, and as I work to figure out my style, I’d like to know how I can improve and what kind of content you would like shared in the vlogs. Leave me a comment on the video with your suggestions.

I hope you enjoy the vlog and thank you for your support!

xx timpani

3 Days in Santorini Travel Vlog




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