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2 Days in Vegas – A Quick Travel Guide


2 Days in Vegas is all most people need which is why Vegas makes a great weekend destination. I have been going to Las Vegas since I was a baby, I’m not joking, there’s pictures. And actually, I have gone more times as a minor than I have as a legal adult. 

We used to go yearly for family vacations and stay at Circus Circus so that me and my cousins could hang out in the adventure dome. Now, you wouldn’t catch me dead inside that place. 

But I digress, enough backstory let’s jump into my 2 day Vegas itinerary.  

How to Spend 2 Days in Vegas

Where to Stay in Las Vegas

Off The Strip

If you’re looking to save some money, Downtown Las Vegas tends to be way more affordable than the strip. You can often find rooms under $100 without some of the fees the hotels on the strip charge. Although you will save money staying Downtown, the hotels aren’t as modern and luxe as the ones you’ll find on the strip. 

PS If you are attending a music festival like Life is Beautiful, you can walk from many of the hotels downtown which will save you time and money getting to and from the grounds. 

On The Strip

There’s tons of hotels along The Strip. My sister is a big fan of Aria, I’ve stayed in a suite at The Venetian which was amazing, and I also really like the Park MGM

Where to Eat & Drink in Las Vegas

If you’re a foodie, you’re in for a treat in Las Vegas. From award winning steak houses to sushi burritos, there’s no shortage of amazing food. Here’s a couple of my favorite places to eat in Vegas:

  • Eataly in Park MGM
  • Yardbird 
  • Buddy V’s Ristorante
  • Beauty and Essex

You’ll also find more food recommendations within my 2-day Las Vegas Itinerary.

What to Do in Las Vegas – Day 1

Arrive in Las Vegas 

If you arrive before check in time, no worries, there’s plenty of things to do while you wait for check in. If you arrive at a time when 

Lunch at Black Tap

Black Taphttps is a restaurant serving burgers, wings, and fries but they are most known for their super indulgent milkshakes. If you like chocolate and brownies, try the Brooklyn Blackout. 

Linq High Roller

Even if you aren’t a fan of ferris wheels, the Linq high roller is worth checking out. From the observation pods, you’ll be able to take in 360 views of Las Vegas. The ride is super smooth, and you’ll hardly notice you’re moving. 

Pre-Show Dinner and Drinks

Before seeing a show, head out for some dinner and drinks. The Vanderpump Cocktail Garden looks amazing if your show ends up being in the Ceasar Palace/Bellagio area. 

See a Show 

There are tons of amazing shows to see in Las Vegas. Cirque du Soleil has multiple shows on the strip and I can personally recommend Mystere. It’s comical, but also awe-inspiring. I enjoyed the show so much, I’ve already picked out the next Cirque show I want to see, O. 

What to Do in Las Vegas – Day 2 

Bellagio Conservatory

For day 2 in Vegas, grab coffee and breakfast somewhere like Eggslut in The Cosmopolitan, and then head to The Bellagio. Inside you’ll find The Bellagio Conservatory, which is a beautiful free garden with seasonal displays. 

Try Your Luck or Take in Some Other Sights

If gambling is your thing, try your luck at some of the hotel casinos. If you’re looking for other things to do in Vegas besides gamble, check out the M&M World, the Coca-Cola Factory, or head over to Area51. 

Dinner at Beauty + Essex

After spending the day walking the strip and/or hitting the slots, take a moment to clean up and get ready for dinner. Beauty + Essex in The Cosmopolitan is part pawn shop, part restaurant and definitely a great place to have dinner.

Drinks at The Chandelier Bar

Also located in The Cosmopolitan, The Chandelier Bar is a stunning lounge to grab a few drinks at. There are 3 levels to bar, and I recommend the 2nd level if you want to really feel like you’re in the chandelier.

If you’re headed to Las Vegas soon, I hope you found this 2-Day Vegas itinerary helpful. If you did, please share and save for later! 


What is there to do in Vegas for people under 21?

There’s plenty of things to do in Vegas for people under 21.

How many days should you spend in Vegas?

Like I said above, 2 days in Las Vegas is all most people need. I like to arrive in Vegas as early as possible on the first day, that way I can head out earlier on the last day, and give myself some time to recoup back home.

If you can’t arrive until later on, no worries, the city stays open pretty much 24 hours and lots of things close late. Just give yourself extra time in the city on your departure day. 

If you found this 2-day Vegas itinerary helpful, pin it for later!



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