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It’s Been Awhile…


Hello There,

It’s been a minute since I’ve wrote a blog post or shared a new video. YouTube has been taking a lot of my time lately, and I’m guilty of neglecting of this blog. While I haven’t posted here, I’ve been consistently uploading new videos on YouTube. If you’d like to watch my channel you can do so by clicking here.

Something you might notice is, I’ve been uploading LOTS of beauty and makeup videos. And that’s because of 2 reasons. 1. I really enjoy makeup and trying new products and 2. With everything going on right now I’m obviously not traveling. I’ve really enjoyed learning new makeup techniques and challenging myself to create new looks. I’ve spoke about Like the Drum focusing on some stuff outside of travel in another post, and now just seemed like the right time to open up to some new areas of content.

On another note, something that my subscribers on YouTube know but that I haven’t shared with you all here is that I lost my job back in March due to the current situation. I worked for a large scale productions company and once live events started cancelling they decided to lay off a bunch of staff. Since then, I’ve been working on creating content for YouTube and growing my channel. Sitting in front of a camera and talking is just a little easier for me than writing full blog posts. However, I’m working on a content calendar that will keep me regularly posting on both YouTube and here. It’s just a learning curve learning how to be a full-time content creator and staying on top of all the different social media and platforms.

From here on out, I will try my best to create blog posts for the videos I create so that content is regularly being posted for all you lovely people on here. If you have any strategies or tips on how to be more consistent with content, I’d love to know what they are in a comment below.






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