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Affordable Places to Eat in Reykjavik, Iceland [Updated 2022]


If you’re making your way to Iceland and interested to know what culinary treats await you and where to find some good eats, I’ve compiled a list of some affordable places to eat in Reykjavik.

In case you weren’t aware, Iceland is pretty dang expensive and finding reasonable food there is near impossible. If you’re on a super tight budget then I’d definitely recommend hitting up Bonus, a grocery store found in Iceland, to buy some groceries and cook meals at home. However, if you want to dine out here and there, there are some decently priced places to eat in Reykjavik.

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Places to Eat in Reykjavik

1. Sandholt

Sandholt was the first place we stopped into upon arriving in Reykjavik. It’s a cafe that sells coffee, pastries and sandwiches among other things. For a single shot latte and a vanilla Danish (both which I highly recommend) it cost me about $8 USD, not too bad considering the prices of Starbucks. The sandwiches range from about $8 USD to $15 USD. Also, Sandholt opens early (5:30am some days) so you can pop in before those early 8am tours. 

Reykjavik - Sandholt

2. The Deli

From the name you would expect subs and sandwiches; however, this little place serves pizza, pasta and paninis. I got two slices of mushroom, pepperoni pizza and a coke for about $12 USD and a pasta dish with two pieces of garlic bread and a drink for $16 USD. The Deli offers specials daily where you can get a combo meal for a slightly lower price. I never made it during those times but I believe it went from 2pm to 5pm.

3. Reykjavik Chips

You might think that paying $9 USD for some french fries and drink is a bit steep, but wait till you see the rest of the prices for food in Iceland. This was a steal in our eyes by time we made it to this place. The menu is super simple. Pick a size cone for fries and a dipping sauce to accompany them. They sauces range from basic ketchup to this really good spicy mayo. I’ll admit that I wasn’t here for the whole mayo on fries thing but the guy behind the counter recommended it so I went for it, and it turned out to be really good. 

4. Noodle Station

If you been researching some places to eat in Reykajavik this place more than likely has come up, and for a relatively good reason. You can get a beef or chicken bowl of pho for about $13 USD or a veggie bowl for $8. The pho is okay but I’m mostly recommending it for the price point. 

affordable places to eat in Reykjavik

5. Ramen Momo

Ramen Momo is similar to Noodle Station but has a lot more options. You can pick your broth, either pork or vegetarian; ramen, udon or rice noodles and then your protein, chicken, beef, prawns, pork or tofu. Also, the momos (fried dumplings) are really good so grab an order to eat while you wait for your bowl. Momo is pricier than Noodle Station (roughly $18 USD for a chicken bowl) but out of the two I definitely preferred Momo.

6. Saegreifinn – one of the most populate place to eat in Reykjavik

This small shop by the harbor features lobster soup, a “must” whilst in Iceland, and fresh fish kebabs. For my lobster soup and some bread it cost a little over $12 USD and the skewers started at $16 USD and included a variety of different fishes. I tried some of Sarah’s trout and it was really tasty.

More Affordable Places to Eat in Reykjavik

  • Bæjarins Beztu Pylsur: Chances are you’ve heard about Iceland’s famous hot dogs. I unfortunately never got around to trying one but this is THE place to try them.
  • Dirty Burger & Ribs: Grab yourself a small order of ribs or a hamburger, fries, and a drink for about $15 USD.

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